Web Development


PHP and MySQL Development

PHP is a language used for scripting, while MySQL is an open source database. Here at Suntech Info Services, PHP is used with MySQL to create a number of web applications ranging from shopping carts to Content Management System (CMS), E-Commerce applications, product catalogues and many more.
Developing website using PHP has many advantages such as-
* High level Web Security.
* PHP is platform independent.
* IDE is available for free.
* Highly compatible with Linux hosting.
* PHP has flexible and robust module customization.
* PHP Website Development is cost-effective.
* PHP has easy integration.
We have a team of PHP developers who are experts in their respective fields and help you to customize website functionalities as per your needs.
We also offer flexibility in hiring PHP and MySql developer on either project basis or on hourly basis at affordable cost.Feel free to drop an inquiry to hire dedicated PHP web developer to develop your website.Best quality is our sole motto and has pride creating value for our clients.


Web Portal Development

A web portal is a website that brings information together from diverse sources in a uniform way. Usually, each information source gets its dedicated area on the page for displaying information (a portlet). Often, the user can configure which ones to display.
A web portal development include Interface design, information architecture, usability and user flow analysis, e-commerce / online shopping, search engine optimisation, content management systems (CMS), application development, ruby on rails development, SMS send/receive with application integration, and much more.


Payment Gateway

Payment gateways offer customers a seamless online shopping experience. Today’s growing e-commerce market has raised the demand for secure payment mechanisms.
Customer can pay for items in their ecommerce shopping cart using PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Maestro or any other credit cards. We use a payment gateway to accept credit card payments. A payment gateway is a remotely hosted software application that enables merchants to accept credit card and electronic check payments directly from their website.
The payment information submitted by user/client on the site is captured and securely transmits the transaction data to an appropriate financial institution to process and deposit funds into merchant account. The funds are then deposited into your bank account. Some payment gateways also include a virtual terminal, which allows merchants to use an optional way of receiving online payments. Using the payment gateway virtual terminal, the merchant can enter transaction data.


Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development is a platform that lets you build and manage mobile apps and create your own secure enterprise applications portal. Our skilled designers will first propose the aesthetic template to visualize the concept which will then later be developed upon your approval.
We have development expertise for these mobile platforms:
* Android Devices.
* Windows Mobile.
* iPhone/iPad .
* Blackberry.
We work closely with you from the first stage of planning, to the last execution stage of a visually compelling mobile application ensuring your mobile app is to your liking. It should be satisfying and fulfilling your requirements.