Content Management



WordPress is easy to use for Website development. For many of us that own blogs and generate excellent relatable content, engagement seems to linger just beyond our reach.
We write well, there’s like, tweets, shares, +1’s – but just how much of your content is being read? We make sure that your website or blog in WordPress has a design/ layout that makes it easier to read.
We works on following WordPress tools:
* PSD to WordPress.
* Responsive WordPress Templates.
* Template development.
* Theme Customization.
* Plugin development and customization.
* Forum(bbPress) and Blog Development.
* buddyPress integration.
* E-Commerce Websites.
* Digital Download Websites.



In today’s business scenario, online businesses are becoming more important and growing larger sales volume over physical businesses.

For making these online stores, many eCommerce frameworks and solutions are being created. They enhance the look and feel of a website with their robust structure and high functionality as well as allowing greater control within a business.
Among the many eCommerce CMS available, Magento has become the top choice amongst website developers because of its incredible flexibility, scalability, efficiency and customizable features that can be added to any on-line store, making an eCommerce site that is more attractive to buyers and sellers.
Our Magento customization and development services include:
* PSD to Magento.
* Magento theme customization.
* Magento theme layout.
* Magento Responsive design.
* Re-design Magento stores.
* Magento store managing training.
* Magento Back-end training.
* Transaction module integration.
* Magento Expert Guidance support with training.
* Magento SEO as well as Advertising.



Joomla is a free website development platform and a popular blogging platform. Joomla is free because it is an “open source” which means it is built by a community. Joomla is also a Content Management Systems (CMS), allowing non-technical types to easily publish new content on the website.
Joomla has features such as RSS feeds, printable versions of pages, blogs, polls, search and support for language internationalization to name a few features. Joomla also has thousands of free and paid-for plugins that a coder can install to increase the functionality of your website.
We offer following Joomla Services:
* PSD to Joomla.
* Joomla Theme customization.
* Joomla Template Create.
* Joomla Version Update.
* Joomla Plugin Integration.



Drupal is a free and open source web content management system. It can run on any computing platform that runs the PHP programming language, a supported web server, and a supported database.
It has following features that made it a unique choice for CMS development.
* Easy to use.
* Open source under GPL.
* Multiple site support
* Thousands of free to use modules.
* Open API.
* Customizable access control.
* Search engine friendly.
* Reliable and safe.
* Multiple language support.
* Themes Support.
The standard release of Drupal is known as Drupal Core.It provides fundamental web content management features for building many different kinds of websites. It includes “core modules” that can be enabled to extend functionality and “core themes” that can be configured to change the appearance of the website.



OpenCart is to be considered as one of the best eCommerce development system based on PHP. It allows merchants in easily setting up their on-line shop.
It has a powerful community which have given access to easy to develop, fast and secure marketplace. OpenCart is cost effective, robust, secure, search engine friendly solution.
We are committed to provide you highest standard of quality in achieving your goals. We deliver excellent solutions to implement your ideas and requirement into fully functional eCommerce store.
* We offer following OpenCart Services :
* Support and Maintenance.
* Store Performance Optimization.
* Upgrade and Development.
* Payment Gateway, Shipping Gateway Integration.
* Theme & Extension Development.
* OpenCart Migration and server management.